Technology decision support

For the rules on which specific technologies are eligible for funding, please see the Program Guide. The purpose of this section is to provide more information to help you decide if the technologies are right for your situation. 

Some of the funded technologies are well established in the market and offer compelling financial and operational advantages. Factoring in a 25-45% discount on the purchase price (thanks to CCDP grant funding), along with the long-term savings on operations costs (such as fuel and maintenance), the decision to go with them may well be a no-brainer. 

Other technologies are still in the early-adopter phase, but will likely become the industry standard in the next decade. They cost more now, and entail some additional risk, compared to their conventional equivalents. The grant funding is intended to reward first-movers in the market and help de-risk the investment.

Companies will likely have to adopt these technologies in the near future due to market and policy forces. The CCDP encourages forward-thinking companies to take advantage of the funding opportunity available now and position themselves for that future. Doing so will give companies’ technical staff a head start on learning new systems and the opportunity to engage directly with and offer feedback to the technology manufacturers.




Airport ground support equipment (coming soon)

Lawn Mowers

Farm Tractors

Bucket Trucks

Snow Groomers